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Ranking 12
NorwayCasper Ruud
Casper RuudNorwayNorway
Date of birthDec 22, 1998
Height183 cm
Weight77 kg

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Wins54% (236/437)For last 20 matchesLooses46% (236/437)For last 20 matchesRecieve wins82% (181/221)For last 20 matchesBreakpoints25% (55/216)For last 20 matches


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WinsPrevious 20053% (2307/4315)Previous 2054% (236/437)LoosesPrevious 20047% (2307/4315)Previous 2046% (236/437)Recieve winsPrevious 20084% (1832/2177)Previous 2082% (181/221)BreakpointsPrevious 20022% (475/2138)Previous 2025% (55/216)


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GamesPrevious 4315Last 437

Win serves

2307 (53%)236 (54%)

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22.22 %25.46 %

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0.84 %0.82 %

About Casper Ruud

Casper Ruud Bio

Casper Ruud, tennis player is one of the best tennis players from Norway, currently ranked second in the men's ATP rankings, making him the highest-ranked Norwegian tennis player in the world. C ruud won many trophies and broke many records for his country.

Casper Ruud Tennis Career

In his professional career, tennis player Casper Ruud started as number one on the junior list, becoming the first Norwegian to do so. The upward trajectory of his career began in 2019, when he won his first ATP 1000 tournament against Nick Kyrgios, in Italy. Casper Ruud scores started to rise higher. After that, Ruud tennis player wins a lot of points in tournaments, which puts him in a better and better position on the ATP list. Casper Ruud sets became something the world kept their eyes open for.

First Casper Ruud ATP Title and Top 25

2020 was the year when Casper Ruud won his first ATP tournament. This was another confirmation that this is a promising player who will improve even more with time. With this victory, Ruud broke many records in Norway, which were set by his father, a very famous former tennis player. Soon after, Casper Ruud ATP entered the top 25 players on the list, after losing in the semi-finals to Novak Djokovic at the Italian Open.

World No. 2 Ranking

The next period was very successful for this Norwegian tennis player, and we saw a rising Casper Ruud Ranking as he went from tour to tour. He won many important matches and showed everyone that he is one of the best tennis players at the moment. In 2022, Casper Ruud ATP reached his first masters 1000 final, where he unfortunately lost to a young Spanish player, Carlos Alcaraz. After that, there were two finals at major tournaments, the French Open and the US Open, where he lost both times. Even though he was left without a big trophy, Casper Ruud scores very good results, which in September of the same year, took him to second place on the list, which is the best Casper Ruud ATP ranking and his stats. 

Casper Ruud Coach

Casper Ruud's father, Christian Ruud was a famous tennis player and helped his son a lot in his professional career. He is now officially Casper Ruud's coach, together with Joachim Bjerke. Every player needs a good team of people around him, who will adequately prepare him for every match and tournament in his career and work to keep his stats high. 

Casper Ruud Net Worth

Casper Ruud net worth is estimated at around $10 million today, making him one of the highest paid tennis players in Norway. In addition to a very high salary, C Ruud is also known for numerous humanitarian actions, which he organizes around the world. 

Casper Ruud Facts

  • First player from Norway with a Grand Slam final 

  • C Ruud was the best junior in the world 

  • Currently, Casper Ruud is No. 2 at ATP list 

  • He had 14 games winning streak 

Frequenty Asked Questions


When does Casper Ruud play the next game?

You can check Casper Ruud's next match in Upcoming matches book.

What racket does Casper Ruud use?

Casper Ruud uses a popular Yonex DR 100 tennis racket.

How many Grand Slams has Casper Ruud won?

None unfortunately, to date he has had two finals, but we hope that he will have a lot of trophies in the future.
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