WTA Doubles Rankings


Live WTA Doubles Rankings

WTA doubles is a team game in the female professional tennis category. This tournament is played by a team of two female players who will be competing against another team on the opposite side of the court. Speaking of the court, it has a bigger design than that of singles to accommodate the extra two players.

The WTA doubles rankings bear some resemblance to the ATP men's system, although some differences can be observed upon closer inspection. The WTA doubles rankings are determined by the activities of the players during the 52-week play window, and the best result from a maximum of 11 WTA doubles tournaments is used to judge the WTA doubles rankings. At Tennisboard, you'll be able to find the live WTA doubles rankings of players for 2022. If what you're interested in is the ATP doubles rankings, you can equally find them on the site.

WTA Doubles Rules

Without game rules, a lot of the sporting events we've come to love may not have gotten our attention. WTA doubles are not different-they come with several live WTA doubles rankings rules that make it interesting to watch and easy for players to earn good WTA doubles scores. These rules are also seen in the WTA doubles rankings, whereby they determine the number of points WTA doubles players should earn to be featured in the WTA doubles rankings.

Take a look at the main rules for WTA doubles:

  • If you land a win with your team, you'll get the following points: 15, 30, 40, and game.

  • No-ad scoring is not included in the WTA doubles games.

  • Playing a complete third set is a rare occurrence in WTA doubles.

  • Only one player will get to serve throughout the WTA doubles game.

WTA Doubles Results

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WTA Doubles Scores

A female player's live WTA doubles rankings are reliant on what she's able to accomplish in 11 doubles tournaments during the 52 weeks. The WTA doubles results are a compilation of WTA doubles scores from Grand Slams and WTA 1000 tournaments like Indian Wells, Miami, Madrid, and Beijing. In addition to these tournaments, WTA doubles scores can be sourced from other WTA-approved events.

To secure a spot on the live WTA doubles rankings, players must earn WTA doubles scores in three events, at least, or have a minimum WTA doubles results of 10 doubles ranking points.

WTA Doubles Predictions

Trying to predict how WTA doubles games will play out all by yourself will rarely end well. You'll need the assistance of a team that has experience in WTA doubles games, and none other fits the description save for Tennisboard. To find the most accurate WTA and ATP doubles predictions, visit the h2h tennis page.

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How do WTA doubles rankings work?

This is a system that categorizes female tennis players according to their WTA doubles scores.

How are the WTA doubles rankings calculated?

The WTA doubles rankings are calculated using the WTA doubles scores of the players in 11 doubles tournaments.

How often are the WTA doubles rankings updated?

Every Monday, the new WTA doubles rankings are unveiled.