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There are so many female professional tennis players today. Women make up 46.2% of all tennis players, and that is a lot. Wondering about the WTA rankings of these players is only natural. Tennisboard is committed to providing its users with an accurate list of top WTA players, as well as the updated WTA rankings 2022.

On this site, you will find both the singles and doubles WTA tennis rankings, and not to worry, these are real time WTA rankings to prevent misinformation. You won't be left in the dark either about the news of the ATP tennis rankings, as every segment is covered by tennisboard. Visit the page today and find all you need to know about WTA tennis rankings and the world of men's tennis.

Live WTA Rankings

Thanks to sites like tennisboard, fans of female tennis sports can enjoy live WTA rankings as tournaments are ongoing. The WTA rankings women are compiled through points earned during sports events. Players must participate in at least three tournaments to get featured in the WTA rankings 2022 live chart.

For singles, female tennis players will need to get a minimum of 10 points to qualify for the WTA tennis rankings live. Those who will be competing in the doubles category will need 10 points to find a place in the WTA rankings 2022 live chart. You can find a complete list of this in the WTA rankings points table. Therefore, to get ranked, you must play WTA rankings women matches in one or more tournaments. Check back regularly with us for real-time WTA tennis rankings live data.

WTA Ranking Points

The WTA rankings points of female tennis players are obtained over 52 weeks of tournaments, which when calculated, are used to create the WTA rankings points table. Earning WTA rankings points first requires the participation of players in events hosted by the Women's Tennis Association (WTA).

Interested female players must take part in both singles and doubles. The WTA rankings points have the following characteristics:

  • WTA ranking points are awarded based on the number of players in the singles draw and the tournament category.

  • Those involved in the singles draw will determine the number of rounds that will be played.

  • Players who lose a round will still receive WTA ranking points.

WTA Players

Fans of the game will always go to great lengths to find the WTA rankings top 100 and information about WTA players, and this is one of the areas where tennisboard excels. You will not only find credible information about famous WTA players but also displayed on the site will be the WTA players schedule for 2024.

Tennisboard is also the perfect platform for gamblers who need accurate data to forecast games involving the top WTA players. When you click on the WTA players, you will be shown statistics and predictions that will help you bet right. Make it a habit to always check the WTA players schedule at tennisboard and you'll never miss a WTA game again.

WTA Live Scores

Sports fans have never had it so good following the happenings in sports games. The same is applicable in the game of tennis, where fans can now know the WTA live scores without tuning into a TV station. With your mobile device, you can visit tennisboard and find recent WTA scores, in addition to the live WTA rankings.

Your options are unlimited at tennisboard as there's a section for checking WTA doubles rankings as well. On the page, you will find the live WTA rankings of your favorite female players. Clicking on any of their images or names will usher you to a page where their WTA scores will be on display. With these WTA scores, you can place bets on your favorite tennis games.

Real Time WTA Rankings

Updated WTA rankings 2022, whether they are for singles or doubles, are released to the public every Monday. Fans can expect new WTA rankings at the start of the week, and the only place to find them is on tennisboard.All you need to do to read the updated WTA rankings 2022 is to visit tennisboard on your mobile device or desktop.

You can also visit a particular player's page if you're curious about their WTA scores or WTA rankings 2022. With the WTA live scores, you can follow the tennis event as it unfolds. You'll be able to tell whether your prediction is going as planned or not. If the WTA live scores are going contrary to your expectations, then you might want to use the cashout feature to minimize your loss.

Frequenty Asked Questions


How Do WTA Rankings Work?

WTA rankings are just an accumulation of WTA scores that were accrued by players within 52 weeks of gameplay.

How Are WTA Rankings Calculated?

New WTA rankings are calculated using the best 16 tournaments of the player for singles and the top 11 games for doubles.

How Often Are WTA Rankings Updated?

Every Monday, the WTA rankings 2022 are generally updated.

How Many Points Do WTA Players Get In A Grand Slam?

The Grand Slam winner gets 2,000 points.

What Racquet WTA Players Use?

Top WTA players favor the Wilson Blade 98 racquet.
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