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TennisBoard helps you stay on top of live tennis scores and never miss a second of the action. Our tennis coverage starts at the lowest levels of the sport and extends to the top Grand Slams and the highly anticipated events on the ATP and WTA Tour. That way, you get the latest tennis scores from all levels of tennis in the same place. You also benefit from live tennis updates, well-researched predictions, and comprehensive tennis statistics. At TennisBoard, we serve up-to-the-minute tennis live scores and give you the tennis stats you need to score a winner. Staying on top of everything tennis-related has never been this easy. With TennisBoard, you live, breathe, and sleep tennis and get non-stop tennis action.

Best Service for Tennis Statistics

TennisBoard is your go-to site for tennis statistics. Want to learn the win percentages of individual players over the last three years? We have got you covered. We keep a history of tennis results and scores and have the largest tennis database you will ever come across. And we don’t stop there.

TennisBoard also provides you with all the tennis stats you need, from comprehensive lists of the latest tennis results to head-to-head matches between players and win ratios.

That way, even if you have just started following tennis, you will have access to tennis stats going back years. Tennis aficionados also get what they are looking for. Want to find the best player to back on a Thursday night? TennisBoard will compare all Thursday night tennis matches for a given player and tell you which tennis star is the best option.

How Does TennisBoard Work

TennisBoard is the meeting point for all things tennis-related. We analyze and collect the latest stats and tennis scores. However, we also keep a voluminous database of historical tennis data that we have been gathering through the years.

Here’s where we are different from the others. We use the tennis stats we have collected over the years and put them side-by-side with the new tennis info we gather. That way, you get an in-depth look at player performances and scores to help you with your next bet.

We also do more when it comes to assisting you with your tennis wagers. At TennisBoard, we provide well-researched betting predictions and match previews. In doing so, we give you invaluable stats but also inform you about injuries players might have picked up or some problems within their inner circle of coaches and assistants. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you make the most of your tennis wagers.

What We Provide

TennisBoard gives you all the tools you need to enjoy tennis to the fullest. Looking to get the latest tennis scores now? With TennisBoard, you get live tennis updates as soon as a point is scored. We give you tennis results now, meaning you can benefit from lightning-fast live tennis updates and stay ahead of the curve. We also provide a detailed performance history for hundreds of ATP and WTA players. You can learn how many serves a player has won and lost and stay on top of breakpoints and break-point conversions. Covering tennis doesn't get any more comprehensive than this.

Latest Tennis Scores

Getting the latest tennis scores now is what we are all about. Whether you are an enthusiastic tennis fan or an avid bettor, you get exactly what you need with TennisBoard. We keep you up to date with each point scored and provide live tennis results to help you make the most of your tennis experience.

Live Tennis Results

Did you try to find live tennis results today but couldn’t? You should have visited TennisBoard straight away. We give you the latest tennis results from a wide range of tennis events. Unlike other tennis sites, we cover all known tennis tournaments and league competitions, starting from the lowest to the highest-ranked ones.

Tennis Stats

Lots of sites give you tennis stats. However, only TennisBoard equips you with tennis statistics that can be real game-changers. We provide win ratios, breakpoint wins, head-to-head records, and serve percentages. This information can dramatically improve your tennis predictions and boost your chances of picking the winner.

Historical Results

TennisBoard allows you to analyse how tennis players are performing now and put that side-by-side with their historical results. You can choose to analyse players’ tennis results today and then compare them to results from the previous 30, 40, or 100 games. TennisBoard is great at giving you live tennis results. However, we also like to dig deep into the tennis past.


Nothing beats finding a piece of tennis information that can result in a value bet. At TennisBoard, we specialise in locating anomalies in player performances and changes in statistical indicators. These can often produce outcomes no one could have foreseen. Only TennisBoard users have their fingers firmly on the pulse of the world of tennis.

Tennis Predictions

We are not only about providing you with tennis results today. TennisBoard is also very big on tennis predictions, as we know how much a reliable tennis tip can help prospective bettors. Experts with years of experience analysing tennis write all our tennis predictions — experience you can instantly tap into by visiting us before betting on a match.

What Is a Tennis Score?

Tennis scores are pretty straightforward to understand. The scoring in tennis is done in three phases. First, players must win a game. To do this, they must score four times. If the score is tied at 40:40 each, players must get more points to win the game.

Players must win six games and be at least two games ahead to claim one set. The set is the second phase of tennis scoring. The third is winning the match. Players need to claim two or three sets to win, depending on the tournament and match format.

We think that’s pretty easy to grasp. However, if you are new to the sport and still don’t know how it works, we invite you to check out some of the latest tennis scores now. We illustrate each phase of tennis matches clearly, so analysing a couple of tennis scores today will do you a world of good.

Live Tennis Scores

Tennis fans and bettors rely on super-fast tennis live scores they can trust. At TennisBoard, we give our readers exactly that. With years of experience following and analysing tennis, we guarantee that you will get your live tennis scores before other tennis enthusiasts, provided you go with us, of course.

We have a network of tennis experts and work with state-of-the-art live score technology to give you the latest tennis scores today, and before everyone else. However, we never go for speed at the expense of accuracy. We ensure that our tennis live scores are correct 100% of the time by using reliable sources and checking and double-checking each point and game taken. That’s the only way we can earn your trust, so we would never risk giving you incorrect tennis results or match information.

How We Make Tennis Predictions

When creating our tennis predictions, we take a whole host of factors into consideration. These include tennis statistics, such as previous matches between the players. We also look into the form of each player coming into the match, as well as whether they like the court surface, the venue, and even if they perform well in front of a particular crowd.

We know that even when we cover all of these factors, there is still room for a surprise outcome. However, we try to reduce the chances of an error in judgement by looking at even more factors. For instance, we often compare head-to-head records to see if there is a bogey player a tennis star frequently loses to. If that’s the case, we adjust our tennis predictions and go for the long odds of the underdog.

Tennis Predictions Pros and Cons

  • Well-researched tips result in educated bets.
  • Tennis predictions help you find great value.
  • Insider info allows you to benefit from fluctuating odds.
  • Tips are the easiest way to learn about injuries if you don’t read the news.
  • Unproven tipsters can do more harm than good.
  • Some sites create generic predictions.
  • Dubious platforms generate tips in bulk without analysing players and matches.
  • May not get the value promised as odds often change.

How to Use Our Tennis Statistics

At TennisBoard, we provide you with all the tennis stats you need. However, if you want your predictions to be successful, you also need to know how to make the most of these tennis statistics and use them in the right way. For example, you might be looking to back a favourite with a sizeable bet stake amount. However, the player might be in a poor run of form. Also, maybe the surface the match is played on suits the opponent more. Lastly, the head-to-head record might not be in your favour either. As we mentioned, bogey players can get in the heads of even the best competitors and the biggest favourites. Backing the favourite in this situation, with all the tennis stats against the player, might be disastrous.

Check Our Statistics

Our tennis stats provide you with a shortcut to valuable tennis figures you won’t be able to otherwise find. If you didn’t have access to our in-depth analysis and tennis statistics, you would have to search for them yourself. Needless to say, that’s next to impossible to do alone, as we use the latest in statistical analysis technology to do that for you.

Check Tennis Scores

It doesn’t matter if you are waiting for live tennis updates, checking on the performance of your favourite player, or preparing for a future bet, live tennis scores are crucial for your tennis experience. At TennisBoard, we serve the latest tennis scores and provide you with results from all levels of tennis to help you with your bets.

Choose Your Favourite Player

With our tennis live scores and stats by your side, you need to pick the player you will back. This can be a player you have been following for a long time and know will deliver the result you need. However, you can also go for a player that you have never watched before. Our stats and analysis of the player should give you enough info to place an educated bet.

Read Our Tennis Predictions and Odds

Our tennis stats can help you a lot when placing tennis bets. When you combine them with our tennis predictions, though, they really come into their own. We advise you to always read our tennis predictions before you decide which player to back. If you use them together with the stats we provide, that’s even better.

Choose the Best Tennis Bookmaker and Make a Bet

Now you have all the info you need to place an educated tennis bet. You only need to pick a top tennis betting site for that wager. Our TennisBoard list of the best tennis bookmakers should be your first port of call. These are sportsbooks that specialise in tennis and have the enticing tennis markets and odds you deserve.


As you can see, TennisBoard is the authority you need for everything tennis-related. Whether it is live tennis scores, stats, predictions, or tennis results from years ago, we have got you covered. So, check out all the tennis resources we offer and use them to make the most of your next tennis wager. Additionally, you may want to follow https:/ for other sports predictions, stats and reviews of betting sites.

Frequenty Asked Questions


How do tennis scores work?

Tennis scores are easy to understand. There are three phases to tennis scores — game, set, and match. Players must first win a minimum of six games and be at least two games ahead to claim a set. The player who wins two or three sets first, depending on the format, wins.

What does love mean in tennis scores?

Love means zero in tennis live scores. If the result is 40-love, it means that the first player is only a point away from winning the game, while the second one has zero points.

Where to find tennis statistics?

TennisBoard is the best place online for tennis statistics. We analyse all aspects and elements of tennis matches and give you comprehensive statistical data from various tennis categories.

How to read tennis statistics?

Reading tennis statistics is easy. First, look at the statistical category you want to analyse and click on it. Then use some of the filters we provide to narrow down the situations to which those tennis statistics apply. Lastly, pick out the stat or number you need.

How to predict tennis results?

To predict tennis results, use tennis stats and tennis predictions in tandem. Also, it would help you a lot if you follow tennis and know a lot about the players you want to bet on.

Where to get the best tennis predictions?

TennisBoard is your best bet when it comes to finding reliable and well-researched tennis predictions. In our predictions, we cover the vital aspects of tennis matches and use our extensive experience to help you with your tennis wagers.
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