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What is Tennis Head to Head

Tennis head-to-head, also known as head-2-head or H2H, is a statistical category that compares the results between the same players. For instance, if you want to bet on an ATP match between Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvedev, one of the first things you should do is check the results of the two players in the past.

Similarly, if you are betting on a WTA duel between Iga Swiatek and Aryna Sabalenka, examine previous matches between the two before analysing the current form or other statistical information.

The reason you want to check ATP and WTA head-2-head stats is very simple. Often, players tend to win or lose when pitted against the same rivals. It is a well-known fact that some tennis stars have bogey players they always lose to. If you check tennis WTA and ATP H2H stats, you will know when this is the case and bet accordingly.

Similarly, you can find out if a player has regularly triumphed over a particular opponent by checking past H2H results. That way, you can place an educated head-to-head bet.

ATP Tennis Head to Head

Head-to-head stats are crucial when analysing tennis ATP matches. Past results between two ATP players can tell you a lot about what future scores might look like.

And tennis ATP head-to-head records are not only results. Men's tennis head-2-head stats can also give you valuable information about the games and sets each player has won.

They can also tell you how successful each ATP player was when serving or returning, as well as how many break points the players saved. With tennis ATP H2H stats, you use past experiences to make educated predictions about what will happen today or tomorrow when the same ATP players meet again.

WTA Tennis Head to Head

There are many statistical categories that you should consider when analysing tennis WTA matches. Head-to-head tennis stats are among the most important. Experience has shown that previous results between the same WTA players do not directly influence future outcomes. However, they indicate how those players might play in their next match.

If you are aware of the H2H stats, you already know how the players performed when they faced each other in the past. So, instead of trying to imagine how that next tennis WTA duel will pan out, you can simply look at the previous womens tennis head-to-head stats.

How Do We Review Players Head to Head

At TennisBoard, we comprehensively review players' head-to-head stats and results. That way, we can be sure that the H-2-H tennis analysis we provide is 100% accurate and reliable. To achieve that, we use a tried-and-tested review process and collect the largest tennis head-to-head database.

We also break down tennis head-to-head outcomes into stats and information you can easily use and instantly benefit from. Lastly, our experts focus on less scrutinised tennis data and study obscure tennis stats that other sites fail to notice. In doing so, we give you the full H2H picture you need to place successful wagers. Below, we explain how we review players' head-to-head data.

Tennis Head to Head Stats

There's a wealth of head-to-head data and stats you can extract from a single tennis match. You only need to know where to look. At TennisBoard, we look everywhere and analyse all H2H tennis data we get our hands on, from crucial stats that often determine future winners to obscure pieces of H2H info others ignore. So, nothing gets past us.

We collect elemental data such as wins and losses for singles and doubles. However, we also look at more specific pieces of head-to-head information, such as service games won or lost, break points converted or saved, first-serve success rate, second-serve percentage, unforced errors, and much more.

We also specialise in lesser-known statistical categories. Let's say two players are going to meet for the fourth time. They played three of their matches on a Tuesday, while one was on Friday. Interestingly, the same ATP player won all tennis matches played on a Friday, while he lost the one on Tuesday. If their next duel is on Friday, we will definitely bring to your attention the players' H2H record for that day.\

Head to Head Tennis Analysis

We take a wide range of factors into consideration when creating our H2H analysis. Some of these you might already know about and have searched for yourself. However, you may not be familiar with others, including:

  • Previous tennis games between players

  • Game style

  • Tennis ATP and WTA rankings

  • Playing surface

  • Tennis venues and tournaments

  • Physical and mental skills of tennis players

  • Spectators

  • Weather

As you can see, we cover a wide range of factors when creating our head-2-head tennis analysis. All of these are important in their own rights. However, one factor is vital — tennis rankings. 

Our H2H tennis ATP analysis is based on current ATP rankings that we update regularly. The same goes for WTA tennis rankings. We take into account the latest WTA tennis rankings to produce accurate women's tennis head-to-head data.

H2H Tennis Anomalies

We don't only provide the standard head-to-head information. We also look at H2H categories that others overlook. These include things like tennis anomalies you don't normally see in the analysis but are often crucial for the success of your tennis wagers.

Let's say a player always loses on the first three days of a calendar month. When something like this happens, we take note of it and see if the trend continues. If it does, it is an anomaly worth sharing with you, which could lead to a winning bet.

Similarly, we sometimes notice that some ATP and WTA players have a better record against some zodiac signs. This may seem insignificant, but if the pattern repeats itself, we don't hesitate to share it. Anomalies like players losing on a full moon or losing to certain nationalities are also worth exploring.

Tennis H2H Predictions

A top-quality tennis head-to-head prediction is often the difference between a winning and a losing tennis bet. At TennisBoard, we want you to have more of the former and less of the

To that end, we give you our meticulously analysed tennis H2H predictions. We cover all aspects of tennis matches and examine all strengths and weaknesses of tennis players.

Moreover, each H2H tennis prediction you can find at TennisBoard is written by a tennis expert with years of experience. Our experts break down all tennis WTA and ATP data for you. They also give you insider information you otherwise wouldn’t have access to.

But that's not all. By clicking on the personal page of a tennis player, you also get tennis predictions that we have written for that player. In other words, you get all tennis and betting resources about a player at the same place and benefit from tennis predictions too. Pretty cool, right?

What is Head to Head Betting?

WTA or ATP tennis head-to-head betting is all about having the right information and resources. As we already mentioned, with TennisBoard, you get exactly that. The tennis stats, anomalies, and analysis we described above are crucial if you want to check out upcoming tennis matches and place winning bets.

And fret not. You don't need to be a tennis betting pro to place successful wagers. You only need to find the head-to-head categories on our site and analyse the stats and info relevant to your tennis wager. Lastly, place the bet in line with what your head-to-head betting analysis says.

Head 2 Head Tennis Pros and Cons

Having access to tennis data and stats is never a bad thing. So, it is to be expected that the pros of tennis head-to-head will always outweigh the cons. However, that doesn't mean that head-to-head tennis stats and info will always guarantee a winning tennis wager. Let's look at the pros and cons of tennis H2H predictions and stats and see how you can make the most of them.
  • Compare tennis players by a wide range of stats, characteristics, and factors.
  • Learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of tennis players.
  • Place educated tennis wagers.
  • Improve your chances of winning.
  • Tennis head-to-head doesn't guarantee winnings.
  • A lot of information to analyse.
  • Head-to-head info is important, but sometimes you also need luck.

Head to Head Bet

Watching tennis matches is great fun, even when you haven't staked any money on them. However, you will instantly double the excitement by placing real-cash wagers. Unfortunately, many tennis fans think they don't have enough information or experience to place educated bets. With our head-to-head tennis resources, you no longer need to worry about those things. Even absolute beginners can place potentially winning tennis wagers by only using our head-to-head tennis stats. We give you all the information you need on individual player profiles. That means you only need to choose the tennis ATP or WTA star you want to bet on and compare and analyse the provided information. Once you are sure you have all the necessary data, you can place your head-to-head tennis bet on any upcoming tennis match. It’s as simple as that, and with the right H2H data, beginner bettors can be as successful as seasoned veterans.

Best Bookmakers for H2H

TennisBoard helps you get all the crucial head-2-head tennis info and the best bookmakers where you can make the most of that information. Pick one of our expert-vetted tennis bookmakers ideal for H2H wagers and place your first tennis bet today!

Head 2 Head Tips

The great thing about TennisBoard is that we give you well-researched head-to-head tennis tips for a wide range of matches and tournaments. They are perfect if you don't want to do any tennis homework and waste no time when placing your tennis bets.

All our tennis tips are based on relevant and accurate information and the latest tennis WTA and ATP rankings. In other words, you don't need to move a muscle to place an educated tennis bet with TennisBoard.

But what if you want to use WTA or mens tennis head-to-head predictions in tandem with tennis stats you analyse yourself? You can do that, too. By clicking on the page of a tennis player, you can get all the statistics and information about that tennis star. That means you can combine our tennis ATP and WTA predictions with the relevant stats you are interested in.

How to bet with head to head comparison

There's nothing complicated about placing bets based on head-to-head comparisons. Thanks to our tennis head-to-head data and a list of top-quality tennis bookmakers all under the same roof, betting on tennis is pretty straightforward. And if that didn't make things easy enough, we also equip you with this easy-to-follow head-to-head tennis betting guide. Here's how you can bet using head-2-head comparisons at top tennis bookmakers.

Choose Favorite Player

First, pick your favourite tennis WTA or ATP player. You can go for both famous tennis stars and underdogs. At TennisBoard, we have the most comprehensive list of tennis athletes, meaning you are guaranteed to find the player you like.

Compare Using H2H Comparison Tool

Now, click on the page of your tennis ATP or WTA player. As soon as you do that, you will access a wide range of H2H stats about the tennis player, as well as other sorts of statistics and info that will be useful when placing your tennis bet.

Check Tennis Players Head to Head Stats

Next, compare the stats of individual tennis players. Check their performance against their opponents and see if you can find a pattern for their next tennis match. If you come across a valuable piece of information for your head-to-head bet, create your tennis bet with that in mind.

Read Our Tennis Predictions and Odds

With your head-to-head tennis stats covered, you now need to take your tennis betting game to the next level. To do that, read our tennis H2H predictions and see if you can find a value bet. Odds are also crucial for finding value bets. Make sure to bet on odds that come with minimal profit margins for the bookmaker.

Choose the Bookmaker with the Best Odds and Place a Bet

The best way to find a tennis bookie that works with minimal profit margins and good odds is to go with the bookmakers we list. We have checked the odds of these sportsbooks and can assure you that they are competitive and fair. So, all that's left to do now is place a tennis bet.

Best H2H Bet Bonuses

100% Up to €500Wazamba
Get $1000 free betBetHard
100% Welcome Bonus up to 100EURGGBet
Make the most of your tennis bets by claiming enticing H2H tennis bonuses! These promos are both lucrative and easy to activate. That means you will get your bonus funds instantly and hassle-free.

Benefits of Claiming H2H Bonuses

Betting on tennis is much better when you use H2H bet bonuses. Tennis sportsbook promotions let you bet on tennis WTA and ATP matches using the bookie’s funds and free bets.

That means you can place riskier tennis wagers and go for higher winnings. Even if you lose, you have nothing to worry about. After all, you didn't play with your own money.

Another perk of claiming H2H bonuses is that you can test different markets. When you wager on tennis using your own money, you usually stick to bet types you know. However, if the bookmaker gives you free bet funds, you can check out other betting options too/


Tennis head-to-head is an invaluable tool for both tennis enthusiasts and bettors. It doesn't matter if you are into tennis ATP or WTA matches. With the right head-to-head stats and comparisons, you can get all the info you need and boost the success of your tennis bets. However, to make the most of your tennis wagers, you also need to play at top-notch tennis betting sites. That's where we come in. At TennisBoard, we serve the best head-2-head tennis stats. And not only that — we also analyse and list the best tennis bookies with the most competitive odds. With us, you can pick a great tennis bet and join a top-quality tennis sportsbook. So, select your favourite tennis player, use our head-2-head tool, and place your tennis bet with a top bookie!

Frequenty Asked Questions


What is Tennis Head to Head?

Tennis head-to-head lets you compare different players, their past results, stats, percentages, and many other things.

How Can I Use Predictions in Head-to-Head?

You can use tennis head-to-head comparisons and information to find a pattern in past results and performances and see if they might happen again in future tennis matches.

What is Head-to-Head Analysis?

Head-to-head analysis in tennis tells you how the same opponents have performed in past matches between them.
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