WTA Tennis Tournaments


WTA Tournaments 2022

For decades, the WTA tournaments have not only brought a much-needed variety to the excellent sport of tennis but have also thrilled the world with amazing displays of skills and overall performance that have gained millions of fans around the world. Just like their male counterparts, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), professional female tennis players are overseen by a governing body known as the Women's Tennis Association (WTA).

At Tennisboard, you will find all the important information about WTA tournaments 2022, including their scheduling, the location of every event, competing players, and, of course, the WTA rankings of every WTA tennis tournaments player in the world. There are over 2,500 players from nearly 100 nations who are competing for millions of dollars in prize money in the WTA tennis tournaments 2022 and Tennisboard will ensure you never miss out on any juicy details.

WTA Tournament Points

WTA Tournaments are the one place female tennis players can gather points, and one of the primary purposes of the points is to rank players. WTA tournament points are gathered from events that are held over 52 weeks. Players are awarded points based on their progress level in the WTA tennis tournaments - the more they advance, the higher the points they receive.

WTA tournament points are a combination of two different tennis sports events, namely, singles and doubles. All 16 tournaments for singles and 11 events for doubles are the main sources of the points, which will eventually be used to determine the player rankings. The computer that's used to collate these points is known as Medusa.

WTA Tournaments 2022 Schedule

The WTA tournaments 2022 schedule just got updated and included in it is an outline of sporting events that will take place this fall. Enthusiasts can expect to find their favorite tennis events, which include the current WTA tournaments, as well as a series of new games. The upcoming WTA tournaments this fall will showcase a total of 125 events that will be held in Europe, and North and South America.

Sources within the WTA have revealed that more updates will be made to the WTA tournaments schedule. Furthermore you can find all the information about WTA tennis tournaments 2022. The location of the WTA finals is unknown, but it is expected to be included in upcoming updates. Fans of the WTA will find all the necessary information about WTA tournaments now on this page.

WTA Tournaments This Week

Check with us to find accurate WTA tournaments this week and plan your schedule around them so that you won't miss any games. From the current WTA tournaments going on today to the upcoming WTA tournaments 2022 that will be held on other days of the week, we are your one-stop-shop to find them all alongside past WTA tennis tournaments 2022.

Discover WTA tournaments that feature singles and doubles tennis events, the time and location where they will take place, and follow the activities of your favorite star players right here.


How many WTA tournaments are there?

Tournaments include four Grand Slams and more than 50 events.

How many WTA tournaments per year?

There are five classifications of tournaments that are held each year, namely Grand Slam tournaments, WTA Finals, WTA 1000 tournaments, WTA 250 tournaments and WTA 500 tournaments.

What is the 2022 WTA schedule?

This is the tabulation of all tournaments that will take place in 2022, beginning from January down to December.