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Ranking 2
SpainCarlos Alcaraz
Carlos AlcarazSpainSpain
Date of birthMay 5, 2003

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Wins55% (221/404)For last 20 matchesLooses45% (221/404)For last 20 matchesRecieve wins76% (155/205)For last 20 matchesBreakpoints33% (66/199)For last 20 matches


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WinsPrevious 20057% (2438/4300)Previous 2055% (221/404)LoosesPrevious 20043% (2438/4300)Previous 2045% (221/404)Recieve winsPrevious 20082% (1755/2147)Previous 2076% (155/205)BreakpointsPrevious 20032% (683/2153)Previous 2033% (66/199)


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GamesPrevious 4300Last 404

Win serves

2438 (57%)221 (55%)

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Break point conversions

31.72 %33.17 %

Won receiving points

0.82 %0.76 %

About Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz Bio

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia is a successful tennis player that is pretty much still young. Born in 2003 in Spain, he has accomplished quite a great feat, winning a number of titles like the Grand Slam and defeating top players like Nadal, Zverev and Djokovic. Carlos Alcaraz’ parents will no doubt be proud of their son. Carlos Alcaraz’ tennis professional career started in 2018. 

Carlos Garfia Tennis Career

He has 33% breakpoint wins, and 79% receive wins in his last 100 matches. He played his first ATP game in 2020. In 2021, he won his game against Adrian Mannarino in the Madrid Open to break the record of the youngest to win a match in the competition, a record previously held by Rafael Nadal

After such an impressive performance in 2022, Carlos Alcaraz Garfia ranking was world number 1. This was the season he defeated Rafael Nadal on his birthday, Novak Djokovic and Alexander Zverev in the Madrid Open. Carlos Alcaraz score in the final of the competition left many people amazed. He defeated Zverev 6–3, 6–1. 

Carlos Alcaraz results in singles events are currently at 85 wins and 28 losses, translating to a 75.2% efficiency rate. At the highest Carlos Alcaraz ATP ranking as number one in the world, we can’t do anything but expect him to perform even better in the future. 

Carlos Alcaraz Titles

Considering Carlos Alcaraz' tennis career’s age, it’s nothing short of amazing that he currently has a total of six career titles, five of which he won in 2022. Carlos Alcaraz Garfia titles include 1 Grand Slam, 2 ATP Masters 1000, 2 ATP Tour 500 and 1 ATP Tour 250. 

However, it is worth noting that the Spainaird has titles in singles and is yet to win anything in doubles. Carlos Alcaraz’ ranking in the doubles is currently No 534. You can check Carlos Alcaraz’ live score for more details about his doubles games.

Playing Style

Many people have compared Carlos Alcaraz's tennis playing style with that of many top tennis players. Carlos is an all-round player that enjoys an aggressive style of play in his sets in tournaments. His drop shot is a killer move, and this has helped him hit a Carlos Alcaraz Garfia ranking of world number 1. His serve speed at 150 to 170 kph has also helped him get good Carlos Alcaraz results.

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia Coach

Like every tennis player, Carlos Alcaraz’ coach has played a huge role in helping him become a better player. Carlos Alcaraz’ coach is Juan Carlos Ferrero, a former No. 1 Spanish tennis player who knows the intricacies of the sport. 

Carlos Alcaraz Net Worth

Carlos Alcaraz net worth is believed to be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. His current annual salary is a little over $150,000, but there are indications that this may increase soon, considering that Carlos Alcaraz Garfia rank number 1 in the world in 2022. 

Carlos Alcaraz Facts

  • First Carlos Alcaraz Garfia tennis ATP game was in 2020.

  • Carlos Alcaraz is currently ranked world number 1 as of September 2022. 

  • Carlos Alcaraz Garfia titles are five in 2022.

  • Carlos Alcaraz Garfia tennis player is first to defeat Nadal and Djokovic back-to-back on clay.

  • Carlos Alcaraz coach is a former number 1 tennis player.

Frequenty Asked Questions


Where is Carlos Alcaraz Garfia from?

This gifted tennis player hails from El Palmar, Murcia, Spain.

How many ATP titles has Carlos Alcaraz Won?

He has six ATP titles to his name, including one Grand Slam. You can find out the results of the games by checking Carlos Alcaraz live score.

When is Carlos Alcaraz's next match?

To know about Carlos Alcaraz next match, you can check this info in the Upcoming matches block.
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