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Ranking 13
BulgariaGrigor Dimitrov
Grigor DimitrovBulgariaBulgaria
Date of birthMay 16, 1991
Height191 cm
Weight80 kg

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Wins56% (196/348)For last 20 matchesLooses44% (196/348)For last 20 matchesRecieve wins81% (141/174)For last 20 matchesBreakpoints32% (55/174)For last 20 matches


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WinsPrevious 20052% (1993/3819)Previous 2056% (196/348)LoosesPrevious 20048% (1993/3819)Previous 2044% (196/348)Recieve winsPrevious 20082% (1572/1919)Previous 2081% (141/174)BreakpointsPrevious 20022% (421/1900)Previous 2032% (55/174)


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GamesPrevious 3819Last 348

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1993 (52%)196 (56%)

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22.16 %31.61 %

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0.82 %0.81 %

About Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov

Grigor Dimitrov is a Bulgarian tennis player known for his athletic game. People compare him to Roger Federer, another tennis player. He was nicknamed “Baby Federer” as his gameplay is similar to Federer’s. This comparison might have put pressure on him as some people criticized him as an underachiever. However, Dimitrov has achieved several titles by using unique shots.

Considering that his career started at an early age, Grigor has incredible talent and skills. By 15, he had already won several prestigious awards, proving his honed skills. He moved to Paris at 16 years to continue his career development.

Dimitrov’s success continued souring, and in 2008, he marked his first big win after playing with an injured shoulder and winning Wimbledon title against a Finish player. This win put him amongst legendary young champions, including Federer and Edberg.

He continued to play and won the US Open title before announcing his junior career retirement to improve his ATP ranking later in his professional path. 

Grogor Dimitrov was born on May 16 1991. He is a son to Dimitar Dimitrov and Maria Dimitrov. It is worth mentioning since his father was a tennis coach while his mother was a sports teacher. With this background, Grigor’s tennis career kicked off at the age of five.

Initially, Dimitar was something of a coach to Grigor. Then he showed his talent in all its glory and was later trained by the current Serena Williams coach, Patrick Mouratoglou.

Regarding the personal front, Grigor dated Maria Sharapova, broke up, and later dated a famous singer Nicole Scherzinger. 

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