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Ekaterina Alexandrova's

Ranking 21
RussiaEkaterina Alexandrova
Ekaterina AlexandrovaRussiaRussia
Date of birthNov 15, 1994
Height173 cm
Weight66 kg

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Wins48% (198/415)For last 20 matchesLooses52% (198/415)For last 20 matchesRecieve wins68% (140/206)For last 20 matchesBreakpoints28% (58/209)For last 20 matches


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WinsPrevious 20052% (2039/3932)Previous 2048% (198/415)LoosesPrevious 20048% (2039/3932)Previous 2052% (198/415)Recieve winsPrevious 20069% (1357/1960)Previous 2068% (140/206)BreakpointsPrevious 20035% (682/1972)Previous 2028% (58/209)


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GamesPrevious 3932Last 415

Win serves

2039 (52%)198 (48%)

Lose serves


Break point conversions

34.58 %27.75 %

Won receiving points

0.69 %0.68 %

About Ekaterina Alexandrova

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