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Ranking 388
Dominican RepublicNick Hardt
Nick HardtDominican RepublicDominican Republic
Date of birthSep 20, 2000

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Wins46% (156/337)For last 20 matchesLooses54% (156/337)For last 20 matchesRecieve wins72% (121/168)For last 20 matchesBreakpoints21% (35/169)For last 20 matches


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WinsPrevious 20048% (1703/3531)Previous 2046% (156/337)LoosesPrevious 20052% (1703/3531)Previous 2054% (156/337)Recieve winsPrevious 20071% (1248/1754)Previous 2072% (121/168)BreakpointsPrevious 20026% (455/1777)Previous 2021% (35/169)


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GamesPrevious 3531Last 337

Win serves

1703 (48%)156 (46%)

Lose serves


Break point conversions

25.60 %20.71 %

Won receiving points

0.71 %0.72 %

About Nick Hardt

Alize Cornet is one of the top tennis professional players in France. She was born on January 22 1990, in Nice. 

Alize has shown exemplary performance since junior level events. In 2007, she had a world rank of no. 8, her career-high combined junior ranking. 

As a professional, she has clinched 6 singles, 3 doubles WTA titles. Also, in the ITF Circuit, she has won 3 singles and 3 doubles titles overall. She had a world ranking of no. 11 in 2009, which was her career-high as a pro. 

Tennis Influences

Alize was born to Francis and Patricia Cornet. Her major influence was her brother Sebastian, who used to play tennis. Looking at her brother play, her interest in this sport grew, and she took it up at the age of 4. 

What started as a mere play went on to become a regular and a career sport. She started playing at the junior level in 2005. 

Growing up, she also admired Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal. Her popularity increased rapidly when she defeated the world no. 1, Serena Williams, at 3 different events. 

Hobbies and Interests of Cornet

For Cornet, life is not all about tennis. She enjoys other sports like soccer, handball, hiking, and beach volleyball as well. 

She also enjoys music a lot. She sometimes tries her hand at the piano. Her favourite kind of music is rock. She is a huge fan of Coldplay, Muse, Kygo and Jack Johnson. 

Currently, she is in a relationship with Michael Kusaj. If rumours are to be believed, the duo has been together since 2014.

In the media: